About Us

Working in the restaurant industry for years, I was looking for different shapes of pasta, but no one locally was producing the regional shapes I was in search of.

In 2005, we started Fede Pasta out of our basement. With much prayer, persistence and grace, we were up and running, selling to all the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. In 2010, we moved into Banco Business Park and started serving lunches three days a week. Soon, we started to book out and lay the foundation for our future.

In 2013, Cenacolo was born. With 40 seats, 3 cooks and 5 servers, we began this journey. Now, with over 120 seats and a full bar, we continually learn how we can better serve our clientele.

We’re always striving to bring the freshest ingredients and best service to our customers, all so you walk away saying, “This is the best restaurant experience we’ve ever had…”

We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,